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TOKAIDO Karategi KATA MASTER Japan-Style

Uniform, jacket & trousers with drawstring

WKF approved
WKF approved
Produkt Nr.: ATKMJ 160

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Kata cut
Design:   Tokaido International / Designed by TOKAIDO Japan
Farbe:   white
Material:   100% Cotton
Gewicht / Stärke:   12 oz

KATA MASTER Japan Style is a premium product specially developed for Kata. This karate uniform is approved by the WKF and has short sleeves and pants. Punch and kick techniques are supported by the Ultimate Sound Technology. Unlike the KATA MASTER this karate gi he no brand logos on the chest and the back of the neck.


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  • ad-free uniform. No brand logos on the jackets back / neck and chest (suit also suitable for traditional dojos and training). Only one label on the jacket and pants, as well as the WKF approved label .

  • excellent karate gi for kata experts. Worn by kata masters around the world.

  • outstanding appearance. Short sleeves and pants. Dynamic movements are visually supported by the special Tolaido Cut.

  • Impressive Ultimate Sound Technology. The suit becomes intentionally audible with fast techniques. A kata demonstration in a TOKAIDO Kata suit adds additional expressiveness.

  • extremely comfortable to wear with high freedom of movement . Outside rough, tender on the inside (pay attention to washing instructions).

  • multiple stitched and reinforced seams. Additional feature: the closing seam on the skirt of the jacket is particularly wide and heavy.

  • officially certified by the World Karate Federation (WKF). The suit has been tried and tested. It is approved even for international competitions.

  • jacket and pants with traditional draw string. Developed by Tokaido the waistband provides reliable grip and great wearing comfort. Made of high quality cotton (delivery without belt). Despite the heavy material (12 oz ) there is no limitation during kicks and complex Bunkai movements.

  • retaining shape. In compliance with the washing instructions there is only minimal shrinkage. This great karete gi retains its shape wash after wash because it is preshrunk (technology to prevent shrinkage after washing).

  • Sizes from 160cm in 5cm increments. Fast delivery of all sizes, You will get your suit directly from the TOKAIDO Europe Centre.

  • individual embroidery is possible (please send us an email and we will help you ).

  • Tokaido is an original brand from Japan. The suits are developed by karate specialists and manufactured in an eminent weaving. Tokaido is a trademark that enjoys reputation worldwide. The life of Tokaido suits is very long.

  • Products by TOKAIDO are inexpensive despite these high performance. You get them without detours directly from Tokaido sales - Europe. It is not necessary to spend more money for a Gi. TOKAIDO has been supporting karateka around the world since 1956th



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