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Uniform, jacket & trousers with Elastikband

WKF approved
WKF approved
Produkt Nr.: ATC 150

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Kumite cut
Design:   Tokaido International
Farbe:   white
Material:   35% Cotton 65% Polyester
Gewicht / Stärke:   8 oz

The Kumite Master is made out of a cotton and Polyester and is light as a feather. Additionally it dries very quickly because of our new weaving Ultimate Dry. The Uniform has a Kumite cut and is approved by the WKF, among other reasons that makes him very popular especially among top athletes. But everyone else who wants have the advantages of a very light and breathable Uniform should pick it as well.


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  • Excellent karate gi for Kumite Professionals.

  • Lightweight mixed fabrics developed specifically for competitions, weight only 8 oz.

  • Robust material. Even if we don´t wish it to you, should you be ripped on your suit, the tensile strength of the TOKAIDO KUMITE-MASTERS would be of big advantage.

  • TOKAIDO - typically comfortable wearing with high mobility. Ideal for quick and nimble Kumite techniques.

  • The suit was especially designed to be airy and to dry quickly. At the same time it has the property of being comfortable on the skin.

  • Breathable. Due to the air permeable fabrics of the suit, even by heavy sweating it doesn´t adhere to the skin.

  • Official World Karate Federation (WKF) certification. The suit has been tested and approved. Through this certification, it is allowed at international competitions.

  • Attractive Tokaido logo on the right chest - embroidered.

  • Pants with elastic waistband and additional lacing.

  • Developed with the Tokaido "pre-shrunk" procedure, the suit is hardly shrinking while washing. Even after many washes it is still preserving it´s form.

  • Sizes above 160 increase with intermediate sizes like 165,..., so that no compromises must be made by the size selection, and each karateka gets a perfectly fitting gi.

  • No "insight", in principle "opaque". Even if the suit is wet after intensive training, you don´t have the feeling of being naked.

  • Individual embroidery, the suit fits perfectly for individual embroideries.

  • It includes jacket and pants.



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